Nexus is a hallucinogen and is also known as 2CB or just N. Its chemical name is 4-Bromo-2,5-Diethoxyphenethylamine or 4-bromo-2,5-DMPEA. It has been described as somewhere between Ecstasy and LSD. This in a sense is true but also misleading: whilst Nexus is more body-oriented than LSD, and more hallucinogenic than Ecstasy, it’s effects are not necessarily the same.

It’s most commonly available in pills or small capsules containing +/- 5 mg. Nexus is sensitive to dosage – this means that the experience changes depending on the dose rather than varying in intensity. The higher the dose the more trippy the experience – taking too much can cause LSD- type bad trips.

The effects start 15 – 20 minutes after consumption, and may last up to 2 ½ hours. The comedown is rapid and after effects are few. The effect of a low dose include a “rushy” come up, with sensory enhancement, particularly visual, touch and taste. Mild imagery may be experienced with eyes closed and you could feel much joy and happiness. Aphrodisiac qualities can also be felt.

High doses can cause visual distortions in the form of patterns, colours and lights. Strong imagery, often sexual, when eyes are closed can occur. Feelings of being in touch with your emotions. Verbalization may become difficult.

Taking too much can cause fear or panic and hallucinations to the point where you can’t see straight. Body reactions can include nausea, muscle clenching, anxiety, claustrophobia, trembling, cramps, nervousness, shallow breathing & stuffiness.

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